…..The resident D**chebag! Every rehabilitation center needs a dog like Hoss….when temperament testing any dog, we need to elevate the energy somewhat with a dog of our own, rather than putting any other dogs at risk, and this is where Hoss fits in to the pack. With his more frenetic but safe energy, he raises the bar so that we can see how a dog would cope with group play that’s more fast paced and high energy. His play style is safe, he doesn’t bite or wrestle too hard in play, but he will play the fool when necessary. He will also encourage play when guests are maybe not ‘in the mood’…no one can be unhappy when Hoss is around!

Without the pack around him, Hoss is a seriously good aggression rehab dog, as he takes the task very seriously and thoughtfully, something he never does when the rest of the pack are with him. He sees himself as Freddie in waiting, and we hope that he will one day take over as head of the pack when Freddie retires, but he does have a little maturing to do yet!


"It's OK Freddy I got this" says Hoss

DD Director of Entertainment loves to ..... well ...... entertain !!!!

"I'm outta here Freddy" says Hoss as he speeds off to catch up with Aunty Pen