Day-Camp Deal


The DD RANCH is now offering a special Day-Camp deal for folks who may not necessarily have need of our facility to board, but who would love their dogs to enjoy the incomparable off-leash DD Ranch experience of 8.5 acres of woods, streams, ponds and fields.

Of course, we still require a full evaluation and temperament test (which costs $65 lasts about 75 minutes and includes copy of ‘Cut the Crap’ our simple no nonsense guide to feeding your dog) as the safety of all dogs staying at our off leash play facility is of paramount importance.
Once your dog is accepted into the program, we then gently integrate your dog with a half day visit ($20) for just a morning or just an afternoon, after which your dog can start to come regularly for his amazing regular full days of adventure! Prepare for ridiculously excited barks, massive ‘thank you’ licks….and your dog passed out on the couch for two days afterwards!
Our Day-Camp hours are from 9.30 am til 5.00 pm. 
The price after acceptance, is $300 for 10 (ten) visits that must be used at a minimum once every two weeks for maximum five months. We do not offer Day-Camp to any dogs that are not regular boarding clients or who are not enrolled in our DD Day-Camp deal. 


Satisfaction guarantee

We go to great lengths with you by phone or email to check that your dog is a suitable candidate for off leash group play at the DD Ranch, even before the physical evaluation, so that we can save you money if we don't think your dog is going to be a fit. If, after the one hour evaluation or first couple of visits, we do not think that your dog is settling in as well as we had hoped, we will refund the remaining portion of your Day-Camp package fee. We want everyone at the Ranch to be happy, safe and to enjoy play is not always a fit for every dog. 

Refunds not available for no-shows, change of circumstances or last minute weather changes other than tornado warnings or heavy snow.

Click here to fill out your doggy Day-Camp application form and let’s get you started!



We are offering eleven Day-Camp visits, a whopping $385 value, for just $300!
This offer will be available until September 30th, so come on, hurry up and get it sorted.

All 'DD Day-Camp deal' packages are per dog, must be paid in advance at time of booking and all visits must be completed within 4 months of purchase as this package specifically targets regular visits only. This offer cannot be combined with boarding fees or any other offer.


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