animal shelter misconceptions

Why do people have this gross misconception about Animal Control?

They assume that it’s run by people who want to euthanize every dog that walks in the door but the reality is far different.

Our local Animal Control here in Barrow County has an amazing habit of trying to find rescue for every single unclaimed dog and works tirelessly to save every animal they can. I get phone calls every week from shelters all over Georgia asking if we can take this dog or that dog, because they have run out of room and do not want to euthanize. 

Today I heard about an animal control officer from Gwinnett County who called a friend of mine begging her to get rescue for an old chihuahua, because he felt he wouldn’t make it in the shelter. The dog was blind and tired, but the officer took him home last night so he didn’t have to get stressed in the shelter environment.  


We offered to go spring the dog ourselves but shelter staff had already reached out to so many rescues about him, the chihuahua was out of there by 12pm! 

Isn’t that incredible? 

Don’t be that person who finds a dog and says ‘I’m not taking this dog to the shelter because they’ll put him down.’ 

No. They won’t. Well, maybe..... if he has rabies.......😂

Truth is, any owner looking for a lost dog will go to the shelter first, so by taking him to the shelter you’re helping families get reunited. You can always offer to come get the dog once the stray hold is up, normally within five days in most counties, if the dog is unclaimed.

Animal Control is a tough job.

I know, I’ve ridden with them for a day and had to watch as they dealt with crack addicts and meth users hurling abuse at them, seen the diplomacy they have to display in some pretty tough situations when I personally would cut a bitch, but they have to keep schtum and smile. 

And they get paid peanuts for it.

However, most every shelter staff member I know goes the extra mile for the animals, so spare a thought for the work they do in tough circumstances and do not be afraid to take a dog in there if he’s a stray. 

It’s the best place for him to be in the short term.

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