The Wonder De-Wormer

The Wonder De-Wormer

You probably don’t know what it is, but if your dog has ever had a nasty ‘plate of spaghetti’ like worms wriggling around in his freshly laid poop, I’m sure it’s been your best friend at times!

Did you also know that it has been known to cure cancer? 

Yes honestly!

Fenbendazole blocks the sugar uptake in cancer cells; cancer cells need glucose to survive and grow, hence every bit of good advice now on cancer treatment starts with a low sugar/ low carbohydrate diet.

For years we were told fat was the enemy, turns out the exact opposite is true.

No wonder the cancer rate is sky high, with our hideous western diet full of sugar and carbs. Even our dog food is crammed full of carbs, with grain and rice, corn and sugarbeet pulp leading to unprecedented levels of canine cancer across the breed spectrum.

(Yet another reason NOT to believe the total shit that’s being peddled by certain dog food companies and the FDA, when they say that grain free dog food causes the heart disease DCM. I’m sorry, I know I keep going on about it, but this shit makes me REALLY angry.) 

But back to business, let’s talk about the clinical studies...oh yes, this isn’t just some bullshit that some quack thought of and put out on Facebook, this was discovered in 2008 and the results were published in this report; I’ve included the link for you to read.

Every single study I have read about this, and there are quite a few out there, says that this is an extremely promising treatment option for humans with even late stage cancer.

The man who tried this on himself had nothing to lose.... he was in such desperate straits with stage four lung cancer that he was given three months to live. Three months later he was cancer free and now has helped at least 40 other people to be cured with the information he shares with them. Here is his story

Dogs react very well to Panacur in the main and as you know, we have many hospice care patients at our senior dog sanctuary Frankie and Andy’s Place, one of whom, Tallulah Bankhead, is a 13 year old terrier with cancer that has metastasized to her chest. The sarcoma tumor on her leg looks like a cauliflower despite being debrided and treated with other ‘out of the box’ initiatives.

She is a young at heart dog with so much to offer, it is just wholly unfair that she would face death while in the best part of her life.....her life before Frankie and Andy’s Place was pretty shit, I have to say. I am convinced enough from what I read that we will start this protocol on her under the guidance of our Doctors at Gwinnett Animal Hospital in Snellville, who are always happy to look at any possibility to either save a life or improve its quality. If you don’t have that kind of relationship with your veterinarian, change your vet. 

We will combine Fenbendazole with turmeric, a powerful but natural anti-inflammatory, and vitamin E which promotes healthy circulation, increases heart vitality and is commonly used by chemo patients to lessen the effects of doxorubicin.

We are at the point with her that we are willing to try anything and this is the most promising thing I’ve seen so far.

I will keep you posted, of course. Wish us luck.


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