The Problem With Pollen

The Problem With Pollen

This time of year is an absolute bloody nightmare for your dog, and probably for you too.

Even though it has turned cold at times, here in the US (I have to say this because this blog has now gone international! Yes folks I can be a pain in the ass on BOTH sides of the Atlantic! Whoop de doo!) we have yet to have a good frost and so that Ragweed (the that stuff!) is still out there, doing its thing. Plus, those beautiful leaf colors mean that nature is having a natural shedding/ metamorphosis, and it’s high time for fungi growth. Triple whammy.

  • Your ears are bunged up like there’s cotton wool in them.
  • Your dogs’ eyes are runny.
  • Your nose is running.
  • You have post nasal drip.
  • Your dog has a poop with mucus in it.
  • Your dog is itching like a meth addict.
  • Your head is banging like a drum.
  • Your dog’s poop is bloody.
  • Your senior dog is achy and not as mobile.
Yep all of these things can be caused by the pollen, which, as you know because I keep saying this, is a foreign object in the lungs, in the gut and on the skin.....everywhere.


If it goes in your nose, it will affect your ears and your throat.

If it goes in your mouth, it will affect your gut, your colon and your blood stream.
There’s nowhere this nasty stuff won’t infiltrate.

Your own body’s fight to overcome the effects of it can be draining.....for your dog it’s even worse because he inhales so much more of that crap than you do. 

So, because I’m a bloody saint, (I know, I know.....why hasn’t anyone named a street after me?) here is my annual reminder about what to do to help your dog out. 

You, my human friend, are on your own.....

  1. Have your dog tested for food intolerances, the single greatest thing you can do to ensure long lasting health and vitality.  If your dogs’ gut is not having to concentrate on internal  fighting with its beef allergy or chicken intolerance, then it is in far better shape to fight the outside agitators of Bermuda grass, dust mites, ragweed, God only knows what else. We are lucky that our fabulous holistic veterinarians perform these tests and saved our dogs years of misery once we got the results. if you aren’t a client at Gwinnett Animal Hospital then my recommendation for allergy testing and food intolerance screening is
  2. Raw food is an amazing tool in the fight against allergens. Raw food ‘tools up’ the gut with beneficial flora and digestive enzymes, shoring up those tiny stomach soldiers with all kinds of ammunition.
    If you can’t face feeding raw, then try the Primal Freeze-dried nuggets (available on, Amazon or at your local boutique pet store). 
    Even adding some raw food to your dogs’ kibble can be a massive help.
  3. Raw local honey given twice a day in your dogs food. One half a teaspoon for small dogs, a full teaspoon for medium dogs and a dessert spoon for a big ol’ boy.
  4. Fermented apple cider vinegar. Braggs is a good brand. Pop a spoonful in your dogs water or on your dogs food. Restores the Ph balance in the system for both humans and dogs.
  5. CBD oil. Pet Releaf is the one we use and it’s great for allergies. 
  6. Dr Bakers Canine System Saver wonderful anti-inflammatory and completely natural. Allergies are an inflammatory response, so this little capsule can really help knock out some of the effects of that.
  7. Adequate hydration. Keeping the system flushed is a great way to get rid of toxins, sludge and all the shit that might otherwise linger and cause an issue in your dogs system.
  8. Pre and Probiotics. Oh my God! You should ALL have your dogs on these little gems everyday anyway. Gut health equals brain and body health. Take a look at Dr Marty’s ProPower Plus, Biokult, Purina Fortiflora, but there are some other great brands available on the market. Other sources of probiotics are natural live yogurt, which you can mix with Raw honey and pop on top of your dogs food, and of course raw goats milk, which is a wonderful super food and full of too many good things to mention, but one of them is amazing probiotics.
  9. Astaxanthin. Fantastic immunity booster, great ally in the fight against cancer, any inflammatory condition, even helps to boost your brain power. Dr Mercola do a great one that you can spray into your dogs mouth. 


Hope this was helpful. x

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