The One About Weepy Eyes

The One About Weepy Eyes

How many of you have got dogs with weepy eyes?

Come on, hands up!

Yep, me too. too. Thanks to the pollen I myself have one red eye that makes me look like a serial killer. 

I’m not doing driveway duty unless I have my sunglasses on or have a bag over my head. I am however available for hire if you want your kids to behave, want to scare away unwelcome visitors or want to use me as a muse for Halloween costume ideas.

What to do if your dog's eye is red?

If it’s just a little itchy, then you can try used green tea bags, left to cool with most of the liquid squeezed out.

You can also try cucumber whizzed up in the processor and then popped in a little cloth bag, laid over the eye area.

Cucumber has an amazing cooling and healing property for the skin and is safe for the eye area. Don’t put it in the eye though, just on the lid to ease itchy skin.

You will notice if you have ever had a dog with eye issues that the majority of products you use on a dogs eye are the same as humans. Things like Neomycin, Tobramycin etc. are used for both dogs and humans.

It is perfectly safe to irrigate a dogs eye with human eye wash, if Fido gets a seed in there.

It’s perfectly safe to use Visine on a dogs eye if eyes are itchy, I have done it many times.

If you see a ragweed plant, please nuke it for me...I’m so totally done with this shit.


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