The One About Muscle Testing

The One About Muscle Testing

“There no such thing as the internet.
There’s no such thing as electricity.
Love is not a real thing.
Hatred does not exist.
Wireless telephones and cellphones are a figment of your imagination.”


If I finished this article here you would think that I was an idiot wouldn't you?

You’d be like ‘Guuuurrrl, I called you just this morning on the cell phone and we had a conversation, have you lost your mind?’

Well, I was just putting this out there, because I spoke to someone about muscle testing this week and the person who asked me about it said he didn’t believe in all that ‘mumbo jumbo’. 

When I asked him why he said ‘Well, it’s not real is it? You can’t prove it exists, there’s nothing tangible to see or feel, so I’m sorry, but I don’t see how someone can claim to get any results from such a thing’.

Those four lines at the top of this piece were the response I gave him, to which he rolled his eyes. I was like ‘You don’t believe in electricity waves, then? Cos you can’t see them? Seriously?’

Didn’t make any difference I’m sad to say, which is a shame, because the guy in question drinks about 5 cans of diet soda a day, eats fast food all the time and is on more medications than you can poke a pile of sticks at. He has the gray face of someone eating poorly and living way below their capability. I’m pretty sure that even one session of muscle testing would tell him that his body needs less of some things and way more of other things.

But let’s quickly discover what muscle testing is.

Literally, it’s asking your body a question, and letting your body respond to it all by itself.

That’s all. 

Too often we get clouded by our own view of what a healthy diet looks like, what safe things are in our environment, we may believe wholeheartedly the last article we read about health and wellness, or maybe think that because we swallow a multi vitamin every day, we have no need to look and see if that’s enough?

When we use muscle testing, small amounts of a substance (and it can be anything from a grain of wheat, to floor polish) are placed near or on the body and the tester will simply mark the body’s automatic response to it.

The conscious mind may be oblivious to the problem, but the subconscious mind can communicate using bio magnetic energy to say ‘Nope, don’t like that. That’s toxic to me. Get that shit away from me.’

After my recent article about Michelle Polk the clinical nutritionist and muscle testing genius who saved my life almost six years ago, a few people have reached out to ask me how she did it.

The idiot I’ve just mentioned was one of them, but then he Pooh-poohed it out of hand straight away.

‘If I can’t see it, it isn’t there’. Yep, okay Bob, go home and explain that to your wife then when she asks if you love her.

So anyway, here it is in a nutshell for those of you who are interested. 

Wheat, soy, some dairy and corn make my body weak. Sugar also makes me inflamed.

I thought because I ate a shit ton of vegetables and a high protein diet that I was doing okay, that I could eat other stuff in moderation and be fine.

Trouble is, I wasn’t. Those things even in moderation were killing me. 

Through a small physical connection where she gently tested my muscles’ response to each of the vials that she placed on my body, Michelle was able to see this. As soon as this was discovered, and change was implemented, I felt way better.

What does this have to do with dogs?

Well, she is doing the same with our dogs at the senior sanctuary we run, Frankie and Andy’s Place.

Today, she texted me to tell me that we needed to remove one of the supplements we are using with Helena, a drainage aid, because she felt that it was no longer needed and that if it stayed in, Helena may have another seizure. We removed it promptly. 

If I trust the process for me, I do for the dogs.

We live in an age of chlorine washed chicken, intensively farmed pork, fish that swim in their own shit on fish farms out in the sea, beef provided by cows that eat soy and have no room to move their whole life.........nothing is what it seems to be anymore.

We think we are eating and drinking healthily and then find out someone poured anti-freeze into a lake of wine that was then sold to a nation, or put euthanized dogs and cats into the dog food, or that melamine was added to rice protein to make your dogs protein ratio on the side of the pack look greater.....ugh, it’s awful.

We hardly ever get to find out what’s REALLY going on. We have to trust our suppliers, trust that certain foods are good for us, or our animals, because that’s what we are told.

But......your body knows what is toxic to it.

Your body can sniff out a poison in one second flat.

If we just ask it, ‘Is this okay for you?’

And remember, just because something is toxic to you or one of your dogs, doesn’t mean it will be toxic to another dog or another person.

My friend Kirsten went to see Michelle and was told, ‘you’re okay with pretty much everything.... bread, cake, beer, muffins, ice cream, cheese.... just limit this or that a tad.’

Don’t worry I stabbed her. It just wasn’t fair.

My advice, for what it’s worth, is that you look into this with an open mind and get ready to be shocked at what your body, or your dog’s body, may tell you.


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