The One About Fireworks

The One About Fireworks


I love to look at them but hate what they do to our beloved dogs.

Here’s a few quick tips to help you for July 4th so your dog won’t get as stressed.

1) Feed a calming diet.

Hard to digest food makes the stomach and the brain have to work harder and causes anxiety. Something nice and easy on the stomach like chicken, rice and pumpkin or even better, turkey or white fish as your protein (both are easy to digest and turkey provides a hefty dose of L-Tryptophan which calms and soothes the brain).

2) Download the mp3 or buy the CD called ‘Through a Dogs Ear”.

This is quite simply magnificent. When I used to volunteer at the local Humane Society, I brought in one of these cd’s for each room and had the ladies play them when the dogs were barking their heads off in their runs. I also purchased two for a loud, metal roofed boarding facility where the dogs used to get stressed during rainstorms. The feedback was wonderful. The music is mechanically engineered to gradually slow down the dog’s heart rate to help him achieve inner peace. I have personally witnessed 60 dogs go from screaming the place down to sleeping peacefully within 15 minutes. I could not believe my eyes.

3) A brisk walk to wear the dog out before evening

A rest before eating his calming meal then a quick potty break before coming in for the evening, where the shades are drawn and the music is playing. Exercise helps to calm a dog down and give him that satiated feeling, just like it does you.

4) Blow lavender oil in a diffuser through your house.

5) Pop a tiny (I do mean tiny) smidge of lavender oil on the tips of our dogs ears

They'll get a personal waft of it every time he moves his head. Lavender is a beautiful calming agent that we use here all the time.

6) Pop a nicely close fitting child’s t shirt on your dog.

Restriction in terms of clothing helps them to feel like they have armour on. It boosts confidence.

7) Interior basement rooms are fantastic for noise muffling.

If you have one, grab a book and go in there with him, shut the door, put on a ‘white noise’ appliance like a fan and read your book like nothings going on. If you act panicked or like you’re worried for him, he will be worried, trust me.

8) Indoor games of find-it for small pieces of rotisserie chicken or smoked sausage is a great game to relieve tension.

It makes the dog move and gives the dog a reward to look forward to. Movement is imperative......make a movement, change a thought, as they say.

9) Pelt anyone who walks past your house carrying fireworks with a massive bucket of dogshit.

You won’t stop your dogs firework phobia but you’ll feel fantastic!

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