The One About Eggs

The One About Eggs


Ahhhhhhh, the very word transports me into raptures of nigh-on sexual proportions........

I love eggs. I’m obsessed with them. Pasture raised eggs fed a predominantly grain diet have gorgeous orange yolks so rich and flavorful that I’d rather eat that than Filet Mignon.

I’m going to bore the ass off of you now, (sorry, not sorry) but one of the most incredible salads you can ever eat is a bed of greens like arugula and spinach, lightly cooked fresh asparagus spears, tiny vine-ripened tomatoes and torn buffalo mozzarella, drizzled in dark green olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar, freshly ground black pepper and Himalayan salt, topped with two pasture raised eggs fried to crispy runniness in extra virgin oil, then chunked and tossed on the top.

Man, that is heaven on a plate. Even better in my belly.

So enough about my big fat portly belly and me...(or is it though? Because, as we all know, it is actually ALL about me)......what about your dog? Can he eat eggs?

Oooooohhhhhh yessss he can!

In fact, he should!

Eggs are one of nature’s most perfect foods. An amazing balance of protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids, eggs are easy on the stomach and provide a healthy dose of taurine.

You know all the latest scare about grain free dog food that’s been going around in the press? All that stuff about the serious heart condition DCM, or dilated cardiomyopathy?

Well, just in case you missed earlier newsletter pieces on this, I’m here to tell you that this serious heart condition can be treated and reversed, if caught in time, by the addition of taurine to the diet.

Eggs are a great source of taurine so please go ahead, cook your dog an egg, for dogs’ sake.

So...raw or cooked?

I’d say ‘cooked’ if it were me.

Eggs can carry salmonella; that’s why I smell every single egg shell that I crack to determine if there’s anything wrong with the egg, or if it just ‘looks’ wrong to me. If so, I won’t eat it. Neither should your dog, although I swear to God that with the gross disgusting shit that I witness dogs shove in their mouth and eat daily, I seriously don’t think salmonella is the biggest threat to their health!

A little crushed egg shell can be an amazing source of calcium, just wash the shell out in very hot water, let it dry and then crush it into a powder and sprinkle it on your dogs food.

Packed with protein and amino acids to build and maintain healthy muscles, aid in tissue repair, healthy skin and hair, and just all round general health.

Eggs are quite the most marvelous thing in the world...apart from Peet’s Major Dickinsons coffee in a French press, but your dog can’t have that so I’ll shut up.

Small dogs can have maybe half an egg every few days, a large dog could have a whole egg, fried in olive oil, or coconut oil even, which is a lovely healthy fat for your dog, every two days. I know plenty of large dogs who get an egg every single day and do very very well, but I have to stipulate all things in moderation.

Buy ‘pasture raised’, not just ‘free range’. Free range doesn’t really mean jack shit to the poor chicken as she’s still running around in a massive shed with 12 million other smelly chickens fighting for space.

But ‘pasture raised’ means she gets to scratch and peck to her hearts content, gets to bathe in the dirt and get sunlight on her feathers and most importantly gets to eat bugs, which is what she needs as part of her diet. It also means she doesn’t have to roll around in other chickens’ shit, or get stressed at how close all the other hens are, which makes her happier, which in turn makes her lay perfect, beautiful eggs, that are healthier for you and your dog.

I know they’re more expensive but they’re totally worth it.

I was going to use the word ‘eggspensive’ but I knew you’d think I was a bit of a tosser if I did that, right?


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OMG!!! YOU ARE SOOOO FUNNY!! and you have helped me greatly!! I love eggs tooooo,, I’m on a low carb diet,, if I cant think of something to eat I turn to my ole trusty eggs!! I’m about to COOK some for me and my doggie Ginger,, I’m sure she will love me for it!!!,,, but there soooo expensive!!!! Uggh!!!! Thank you,,, I wont feed them to her raw, but I’m like you,, the things she eats outside!!!! Is disgusting,,then she wants to lick me all over,,, lol,, thank you for your help and guidance, I’m still laughing,,,,thank you😊😊❤

Ann Phillips

Great to hear, and I’ll be making and eating your 2 fried eggs salad. It sounds wonderful too! Thanks!


My dogs loves them


I love my dogs and you’re speaking my language. Great info and delivered in a wonderful manner that we on the east coast love to hear, read and speak.
Thank You.


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