The Magic Of Mushrooms

The Magic Of Mushrooms

When thinking about cancer treatments and supportive measures, my immediate go-to now is the humble (not so humble, actually) mushroom.

As you will know from previous newsletters, I’ve long been a fan of mushrooms and what they bring to the table in regards to health matters, and nothing has changed my mind yet.

I’ve seen incredible results with my own dog Ava who is taking mushrooms daily in the form of ‘IMMUNE CAS’ or ‘CAS OPTIONS’ (they’re pretty much the same) and is thriving, despite being terminally ill. Bit of an oxymoron, eh? As you can read in another part of this newsletter, she is on zero ‘recognized’ cancer treatments. 

I have also put two of our Frankie and Andy’s Place dogs on mushrooms.

I’m going to share a study from Penn State university that blew my mind when I read it, about how the Yunzhi mushroom is being used to treat dogs with hemangiosarcomas and that it is giving them a much longer life than previously expected. As I’m hearing more and more about hemangiosarcomas now than ever in my professional life, this is one article you will absolutely want to pass on to someone.

Because the research was funded by a company with a vested interest in the trials’ success, I made it my business to do further research on other brands of mushroom complexes. I looked at several different companies but there is one that stands out from the rest. 

Our mentor at Frankie and Andy’s Place, world famous behaviorist and dog trainer Suzanne Clothier, highly recommends a company called ‘Half Hill Farm’ who grow incredible quality mushrooms on their farm in the woodlands of Tennessee. Their site is plastered with reviews from people who extoll the virtues of their products, saying it has extended lives, improved quality of lives and been a very effective treatment for their dogs’ cancer, particularly lymphoma and hemangiosarcomas.

If you have a dog with cancer, and maybe 50% of you will go through this at some point, I suggest you dig deeper into mushrooms.


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As far as I know, mushrooms is a good source for medicines for people having trouble of their illness. But for dogs? I haven’t heard it until I’d read this article. And that’s probably a good news because not only people are being cured but also the animals.

deborah smith

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