The Big Problem With Little Dogs

The Big Problem With Little Dogs

After the seemingly unending tome last week in which I posted about some alternative treatments for cancer, I thought I’d better make this week’s newsletter shorter, so you don’t start thinking ‘Oh God, here she goes again....’ when you open this newsletter.

Don’t worry, next weeks will be 36 pages!
Just’s going to be 35!😂

Actually, I have just started on this years Frankie and Andy’s Place fundraiser book offering which is set to be a stonker!

Those of you who came to us as behavioral clients with dogs who needed fixing in some way, (and no, I don’t mean having their balls cut off. I don’t do that. My husband likes to say I have demasculated him VERY successfully for 30 years so now I just stick to humans!) will have been given a copy of my workbook ‘How to be an Effective Pack Leader’. I wrote it for a seminar we did in 2014 and so many of the questions I get asked on a daily basis can be answered with a quick look inside.

This year, I’m upgrading it with way more curse words, information on how to piss off your awful neighbors, stories about the worst clients I’ve ever had and.......when it’s okay to stick your finger up a dogs arsehole.

Two of those are true. Two aren’t.

You’ll only be able to find out which when you buy the book to raise funds for Frankie and Andy’s Place.

If you haven’t yet looked at Frankie and Andy’s Place by the way, check us out online at

If you don’t buy it, I’m sending all the staff round to your driveway with a bunch of really skinny malnourished dogs to sob loudly and scream ‘murderer’ every time your neighbors are outside.

I WAS joking when I just jotted that down, but now I am really warming to the idea.....

This years book is definitely about how to be a great pack leader/ dog owner but we are going into way more detail about some of the common issues that face dog owners every day. Separation anxiety, aggression issues in a multiple dog household, thunder phobia, little bit about food, tools we like, rescue dog issues, a few obedience tips......

If you have specific issues that you think you’d like to see in a book about dog behavior, then feel free to email me at

If we have room, we will try to get it in there.
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