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Thanksgiving Menu at the DD Ranch

For those of you with dogs booked to vacation at the Ranch for Thanksgiving, we wanted to share with you our proposed holiday menu, which we will be serving on Thanksgiving Day Evening.

As always, if your dog has any food allergies or intolerances, we would like to know at least one week before so that we can arrange something more suitable for them, however we are hoping that our menu will meet with your approval.

To allay any concerns you may have, we just want to share that we always remove the skin from the turkey before serving as we do not want to give the dogs too much fat.

We do serve a mixture of breast meat and dark meat, however, it always light on the dark meat due to, yet again, the fat content. With hand carved turkey, we always have a buddy system at meal preparation time in order to double and triple check for bones.

Cranberries are something we often give in small amounts at this time of year as they are excellent sources of polyphenols, a powerful tool in the fight against infection (particularly UTIs), cancer and cardiovascular disease.

As always, our holiday menu is designed to give dogs a safer version of what humans will be enjoying over the holidays. Dogs truly enjoy the sensation of meat, and large chunks of it are what their dreams are made of. At the DD Ranch, we exist to fulfil their dreams in every way possible, so large chunks of meat it is!

And if your dog isnt eating like this at Thanksgiving....then why on earth not?


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