Squirrels at a Rave...

Squirrels at a Rave...

You know those times when you’re trying really hard to concentrate on a conversation with your friend, or maybe even a client, but something is just nagging at you and you can’t stop mentally diverting to it?

As someone with ‘Uterine or ovarian deficit ADD’ ( a clinical diagnosis I just made up)  my head is constantly two squirrels on meth at a rave dancing to ‘nosebleed techno’ so it literally takes not much at all for my concentration to waiver.

I will be talking to a client in the driveway and all of a sudden someone drives in with a Publix sub sandwich and I’m like ‘Mmmm, I fancy that. I could eat that on Sunday for my once-a -week- bread day....but, should I go for the ultimate? Boars head or Publix meat? Did I like the oil and vinegar last time? Can’t remember. It takes so long sometimes for them to make it. Why do they make their staff wear hair nets? I wonder if hair nets itch? Those beard nets look ridiculous...maybe I should invent something to stop beard hair falling into sandwiches....wonder if that idea would take off? Would I win an award as inventor of the year? I wonder if award dinners for that are held at some really posh hotel?  Hmmmm, I wonder if they serve real champagne or just sparkling wine at those things....’

That’s honestly how it goes. It’s bizarre, it makes no sense, but it’s my head and I know how it works at least.

Meanwhile my poor client is scratching their head wondering where I’ve gone.....
If you’ve ever caught me doing that, that’s where I am and what I’m doing. And just so you know, it usually involves a sandwich at some point.

Know anyone else who does that?

Yep, your dog! 

He spends his entire life thinking ‘LOOK! A squirrel! Wow, I can climb that tree. Why do butterflies fly so high? Is that the UPS truck? Sausages, I love sausages.’

The great news is that you can harness this quality when you have a dog that stresses easily, and turn it to your advantage.

All it takes is a roll of self stick elastic bandage. 

Got a dog that hates going to the vet for shots and a yearly check up? -Pop a couple of loops of bandage on her back leg down near the ankle.

Got a dog that gets stressed at the sight of other dogs when out leash walking him?  Pop a couple of loops of the bandage on his tail half way up.

What does that achieve you ask???

It’s the canine equivalent of that person pulling into my driveway with a Publix sub. It takes their mind off of the seemingly important matter at hand because all they can think about is THAT BLOODY BANDAGE AND WHAT ITS DOING THERE!

They’ll look at that thing, sniff that thing, look back and try to concentrate on what’s in front of them, but keep going back to that thing.

Don’t overuse it, just use it when you really need it otherwise they will become very used to it and it will cease to be a ‘thing’. But, while you’re working on those issues but need a quick fix in a pinch, this is a great go-to.


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