• Sneak Peak

August 18, 2022

If you have never been to the cabins and you wondered how the dogs live, here is a sneak peak of a beautiful weekend afternoon, taken by our longest serving volunteer, Eileen Cargell. This shot was taken in the 'Big Dog Cabin' AKA 'Frankie's' in the main lounge area, where the dogs like to chill in the afternoon.
See how everyone is settled and happy?
See how Lizzo and Jason Momoa are lounging on the bed next to each other?
See how Reba McIntyre is looking at Eileen as if to say "Gurrrl, you better not get my a$$ in that pic".
See how the gorgeous Taye Diggs comes at it from a completely different angle and shoves his own EXTREMELY cute tush very front and center into the shot?
Filthy little rapscallion, he is.
It takes all sorts......
And they all live in pretty much perfect harmony like this, all together.
Sure, they argue occasionally, just as all families do.
If someone's feeling under the weather, they seek out a quiet spot and ask everyone, doggy style with a grumble and a growl, to let them have their space.
Love, respect, frolics, closeness, crazy dinner antics, companionship and everyone trying to get the last cookie.
Exactly like it is in your own human family, I bet?
If you want to learn more about our senior dog sanctuary, Frankie and Andy's Place go to www.frankieandandysplace.org  

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