Sir Anthony Hopkins and Quien Ceng-ta

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Quien Ceng-ta

Sir Anthony Hopkins

From time to time I feel excited enough about a product or idea to want to share it with you. 

I am going to tell you now that we do not ever get a kick back for the stuff we share with you, I even refuse to take free product from all the companies that ask us to please try their $hit in return for us 'just giving them a mention'. Trust me, there are a LOT. Who knew I was gangsta enough to be a micro influencer? 
....Not that there's anything 'micro' about me at all, but I can't honestly believe that at 57, with gray hair, a fat, lumpy arse and no TickTok presence, any company would be interested in me pushing their wares, but I do feel like Kim Kardashian for oh...all of 30 seconds while I read these emails from dog shampoo companies or so and so selling dog treats. And that, my friends, is enough to make me want to continue being a grey haired 57 year old with a fat, lumpy arse. Pass me that massive 2 pound pack of cheddar, Pete, will ya? And a whole pack of crackers, there's a dear….
So back to telling you about some good stuff we know about and want to share with you. 
Firstly, if you've read my magnificent tome "Frosty-faced and F-cking Fabulous" you will know I love Huperzine A. (If you haven't read this book then firstly, shame on you, and secondly, do your dog a favor and download or buy a copy ASAP.) 
Huperzine A is also known in Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine as Quien Ceng-ta (but don't order that down at your local Chinese restaurant, cos what you get DEFINITELY wouldn't taste like General Tso's chicken🤣) and is based on the chemical make-up of Chinese Club moss. 
If you have an old dog who is in cognitive decline or even struggling with muscular issues and poor circulation, I heartily recommend that you look at this supplement. 
The brain, both your pooches and your own, needs acetylcholine for cognition, memory function, neuroplasticity etc, but as we get older, our acetylcholine levels decline due to a proliferation of something called 'acetylcholinesterase', an enzyme that robs us of this important neurotransmitter. 
I don't want to bore you with the science of it, but lets just agree that acetylcholine = good, no acetylcholine = bad. 
Trialed for years on human Alzheimer's patients, we decided to give it a go on our wonderful Frankie and Andy's Place resident Sir Anthony Hopkins, a 14 year old poodle suffering from cognitive decline, when he took a real down turn last year. 
We knew it was safe for dogs as I always do hefty research before we try anything out on our pooches. 
Sir Anthony back at the end of last year, was circling constantly and seemed to be more of an automaton at times...not all the time, however volunteers and staff reported long periods of mental 'black-outs' where he got into a circling rhythm, so common in neurologically impaired dogs, and just couldn't come out of it. 
We did think euthanasia might need to be in his near future, but if you know anything about our team and how we do things at Frankie and Andy's we always think that, before the fat lady sings, we need to open the door for a possible miracle by thinking outside the box.
We included Huperzine A and not only did it seem to halt the inevitable decline, our Anthony has stopped circling DRAMATICALLY and now only does it occasionally.
He's pretty stable these days and came off the ‘Oh Dear God, are we going to have to say goodbye?' list quite some time ago. 
He has quality friendships with his cabin mates and seems to enjoy his life in a quiet and unassuming way. 
So, if you have a dog that is struggling with old age and you want to know that before you called time, you did everything you could, how about doing a little research on this quite incredible supplement?
Yes, I did say do some research, because as with most supplements, there are some medications that don't go well with this and also you need to make sure you're using the right stuff. 
By the way, no,  I am not a veterinarian, I am not licensed to treat or diagnose any illness....before some d*ckhead decides to point that out to me. (I had some bloody idiot last year blow my Facebook Messenger up for a week telling me I shouldn't recommend CBD, one of the most innocuous and highly effective supplements, because I'm not a vet. Even though our own holistic veterinarians think it's great stuff and that we should use it if we need to ease stress or yeah, quite the d*ckhead.) 
However, we have created very different endings and improved length and quality of life for almost 100 dogs since opening the sanctuary over 5 years ago and one of the ways we do that is by combining trusted western medicine with good nutrition, love, empathy and sometimes, a bit of somethin' somethin' that ain't never been done before, but which we think might just work. 
And this is one that has. usual do your research, use this nudge from me to go into the subject with a notebook and an open mind and I hope that you have as great a result from it as we did. 
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