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December 16, 2015

Your dog is not planning world takeover…your cat, however, most definately is. Just watch the movie ‘The truth about cats and dogs’…it’ll tell you all you need to know.
Nothing mends a sad or broken heart as quickly as a great dog and a tub of cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate drizzled popcorn is genius. Whoever discovered it deserves the Nobel Prize.
Your dog CAN tell the time….just try serving dinner an hour late!
Your dog CAN count too….take three cookies, give him two and watch him wait for the third to come.
Christmas is incredibly stressful until you put the tinsel to the back and the people to the front.
If you want to make something accessible to your great dane or weimaraner, put it on top of the fridge!
The most beautiful, perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree will be personally inspected and opened by the official canine gift inspector…anything that was shoddily wrapped, he’ll leave it alone.
People that ask for giftcards miss the point…….buy them nothing but a bible stories book.
Small dogs CAN suffer from Napoleon complex…..just like people can.
I never knew what amazing gravy was until I came to America and someone showed me the use of evaporated milk. WOW!
Seeing the world from your dogs height level can make a huge difference in your understanding.
Not all stress for your dog is bad…stepping outside of our comfort zone is of course uncomfortable, of course challenging …… Yet, its how we learn to swim, how we learn to drive and how we learned to ride a bike as kids. Dogs are often no different and can feel a huge sense of accomplishment.
A dog needs a set of reindeer antlers like a fish needs a bicycle.
Twice, our family dogs have stolen the Christmas turkey before we all sat down to eat. Once was my sisters dog, once was mine. They were the best Christmasses ever, and we still talk about them!
The happiest Christmasses we ever had were the years we had little money.
Inviting one needy stranger into your home over Christmas will fill your heart more than any gift you could be given.
Anyone who loves to use big words where a short one will do is in love with how he delivers it, and not the message itself.
The bottom of my Christmas tree will look like jerky before Christmas day, no matter how many buckets of water I put in the tree holder.
The nastiest Christmas tree can look amazing with a thousand lights……when the sun goes down!
My friends house will always look better decorated than mine.
Its the time of year when you get the true meaning of the phrase ‘unconditional love’….You spend all your weeks planning, saving, buying, cooking and cleaning for the big day, and who’s the only one looking adoringly at you despite not getting a gift?
My big pack of dogs dont care if I wear make up, but Im a far more confident leader for them when I do.
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