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April 02, 2016

I wanted to introduce you all to a very special guest we have here this week…the lovely Aspen.
Aspen is very special because of the rarity of her breed, she is an American Dingo, sometimes known as a Carolina dog.
We first had Aspen two years ago when she was still a puppy (at our last location in Flowery Branch) and Pete and I just fell in love with her. There was something about her that was different, and then when her parents told us that she was a dingo, it all fell into place.
If you look closely at her face, you will see the markings on her muzzle that look like she’s been dipped in mud. Her muzzle is also shaped differently from other dogs, and her eyes are set uniquely with an almond shape. Her face is reminiscent of an African Wild dog.
This breed is truly primitive, a result of natural selection as opposed to Kennel Club breeding guidelines; they are incredibly fast (see pictures of her flying today), pounce on their prey like a fox does, and can turn on a button. This, my friends, is the real deal.
Discovered on the Savannah River Site in South Carolina, these dogs inhabit sparsely populated areas and still live perfectly well in packs where they hunt small game, snakes and raccoons.
Aspen has all the traits of a dingo and in all honesty is the perfect dog. Slightly shy with humans at first, yet immensely loyal and loving when she gets to know you. She plays beautifully and in the most carefree, unaffected way with other dogs, like an innocent child.
We find her breathtaking to watch when she is with us, her speed and endurance and lightness on her feet are stunning to watch, unlike any other dog we have here, so we just wanted to share with you a little bit about her. Her parents need to be very thankful that me and Uncle Pete already have seven of our own and can’t fit another one in…….
Have a good evening.

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