• Marilyn "Magic Mitts' Ranck

August 23, 2022

Look at the line thats formed waiting for massages!
Here, Marilyn Ranck massages Reba McIntyre in the 'Bigs' cabin last week, watched by Taye Diggs, Vanessa Hudgens, Lizzo and Jason Momoa, who are all eagerly awaiting their turn.
Let me tell you, if anyone had told the National Enquirer that those five names were in a massage parlour lining up to get their own very special 'happy ending', there'd have been press camped outside for a week!🤣
All joking aside, Marilyn Ranck has been a supporter of Frankie and Andy's Place since before it was even a thing. 12 years ago we were sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and talking about my dream of a very different type of sanctuary.
She said to me then "If you make it happen and build that sanctuary, I'll come every week and massage the dogs, to help with their pain and inflammation".
She is nothing if not a woman of her word..... and so now, our very own canine massage therapist, Marilyn "Magic Mitts' Ranck comes every Tuesday and the first thing she does is ask for a list of who's hurting?
Not just physically, sometimes the emotionally hurt dogs need her touch every bit as much.....last week she worked with new girl Selma Blair, our youngest and most agile dog, because her former life and arduous journey to us had taken its' toll.
Half an hour with Magic Mitts and she was lighter, happier, carrying less of an emotional burden. All of the stress and worry that she was carrying in her neck and shoulders...POOOF! Gone!
Marilyn, we salute you...not just for being a long hauler, and a one in a million friend to both us and these dogs, but also for the joy you spread when you are at the cabins.
Doesn't this picture say it all, folks?

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