Frankie and Andy's Place Dog Tested Dog Approved

Frankie and Andy's Place Dog Tested Dog Approved

We are delighted to announce that Frankie and Andy's Place partners, Subaru of Gwinnett, after sponsoring our 2022 Annual Golf Day tournament, have now agreed to double their financial support for the sanctuary this year. 

Not only do they produce cars that are consistently voted among the safest vehicles available on the road, all of their cars are 'Dog tested, Dog approved'.

A veritable match made in heaven for Frankie and Andy's Place.

Subaru are very excited to be involved in our community outreach initiatives and feel that our 'Helping Hands, Healing Paws' is something that their vehicles can help to deliver. Subaru of Gwinnett, we thank you so much for supporting our mission!

Frankie and Andy's Place family, can we get a huge shout out to these wonderful folks for helping us to do what we do? 

Now, everyone go out  and buy a new car from them today to say a proper 'Thank You!'🤣



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