• Education Is The Key To Excellence

August 22, 2022

Education is the key to excellence.
Over the last 7 years, you might say we have learned a thing or two about senior dogs but at Frankie and Andy's we never ever stop learning...
Not just from the everyday experience and trial and error that we get at the cabins, but also because last year we embarked upon a long term program of staff education thanks to the Jackie "Jackpot" Joliff educational scholarship.
It was very important to us that our staff fully understood the fundamentals and principles of holistic medicine but also that key staff were able to perform in-depth health and wellness checks on site.
So, many of our team have undertaken the Foundation in Holistic Wellness course through the College of Integrated Veterinary Medicine and benefited greatly.
And yesterday, we held our fourth first-aid training workshop in the Bigs cabin with all of the dogs.
RVT Carrie Stewart, who has recently trained all of our care staff on a weekly basis, in administering regular in-depth health and wellness checks on each dog, returned to the cabins to teach a refresher course for everyone on pet first aid.
It was an outstanding success with all of the participants saying it was very informative, confidence building, and some of the best 3 hours they've ever spent in a classroom situation.
Thankyou Carrie Stewart for partnering with us to achieve our ongoing practical training needs, and for giving everyone a chance to do some real hands-on learning.
I had to share these photos so you could see how its not just the humans that take part in these sessions, the dogs do too!
Taye Diggs and Harrison Ford reckon they could perform CPR no problem while Reba McIntyre said that after auditing the class, she felt she could clean and dress a ruptured aural haematoma in 40 seconds flat! 
Check out more about our senior dog sanctuary at www.frankieandandysplace.org 

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