What is Desperate Dogs ?

What is Desperate Dogs ?

Desperate Dogs is a luxury dog boarding hotel and a specialist residential rehabilitation center for dogs with issues like socialisation, fear, aggression and separation anxiety, to name but a few...
Located on 12 acres of park and woodlands in Winder, Georgia it is run by experienced canine behaviourist Penny Miller and her husband Peter, the dogs enjoy hours of off leash activity in the three acre fenced meadow and the swimming pool; they sleep, as all dogs should do, on a couch!!!
Decorated just like home, the Desperate Dogs experience is unlike anywhere else in the Southern States...no concrete runs, no kennels, no cages unless we are potty training, dogs here quickly get to feel at home and to feel very relaxed. This relaxation and comfort bring about a state of mind where learning can take place, and so dogs always return home calmer, happier and more able to cope with life at home.
We use no shock collars, pinch collars, choke chains or any other torture techniques and do not work with people who do....all of our work is relationship based and instills trust in the dog so that he will not fear humans ever.
So, whether you have a problem dog, or you just want your dog to have the time of his life while youre away so you can have a guilt free vacation, give us a call and arrange a visit.

Meet The Desperate Dogs Staff 

When we explained to a visitor that the Ranch was quiet this week by design in order to provide our staff with some rest time they commented that they thought that we referred to Freddie, Ava, Levi and Hoss as “staff” just for some FaceBook humor. So for those of our DD Family who don’t know what the DD Staff actually do around here we thought we would share with you their job descriptions. We hope you enjoy and as always, if you do, please SHARE with your friends.

Freddie……absolute number one, pack leader, doggy alpha and all round top chap!

Freddie’s job here is to provide stability and confidence to the resident working pack…his innate confidence in any task lets other dogs in his team know that ‘he’s got this’, that they can follow his lead in comfort. Freddie excels at working with puppies, teaching them boundaries and respect for other dogs. He also works with most of our aggression cases, providing a calm, non threatening approach to fearful dogs.

Ava….our ‘Rock with legs’.

The hardest working dog at the Ranch, Ava works with all of our separation anxiety cases, providing a cool, easy companionship to those missing home, but also teaching these cases that, as the Alpha female, if she isn’t frightened or uncomfortable, and trusts this environment, then why shouldn’t they? Ava also temperament tests almost every dog that comes here; she is our first line of introduction for all aggression cases due to her calm aloofness which other dogs find completely non threatening. If Ava doesn’t like a dog, and won’t be near it, then that dog doesn’t get to come to the Ranch! We trust her judgement implicitly.

Levi…….the concierge.

Levi’s job here is to seek out the dogs that are fearful in this new ( to them) space. No matter whether the dog is practicing the four responses of fight, flight, freeze or fool around, Levi will ‘latch onto’ any fear case, be it puppy or oldie, and accompany them at a respectful distance, letting them know he is there to help. As their fear dissipates, so does his involvement in their case, and he then goes about his own business. He provides a backdrop of protective armor for first time nervous pups, sometimes he can be seen beckoning them towards the field to play, if he knows they would enjoy that environment better. Soft and gentle, like a doting uncle, Levi has helped thousands of dogs to trust and enjoy the freedom of the Ranch and to embrace relationships with other dogs.

Hoss…..the resident D**chebag!

Every rehabilitation center needs a dog like Hoss….when temperament testing any dog, we need to elevate the energy somewhat with a dog of our own, rather than putting any other dogs at risk, and this is where Hoss fits in to the pack. With his more frenetic but safe energy, he raises the bar so that we can see how a dog would cope with group play that’s more fast paced and high energy. His play style is safe, he doesn’t bite or wrestle too hard in play, but he will play the fool when necessary. He will also encourage play when guests are maybe not ‘in the mood’…no one can be unhappy when Hoss is around!

Without the pack around him, Hoss is a seriously good aggression rehab dog, as he takes the task very seriously and thoughtfully, something he never does when the rest of the pack are with him. He sees himself as Freddie in waiting, and we hope that he will one day take over as head of the pack when Freddie retires, but he does have a little maturing to do yet!

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