Bentley Gets Some Thanksgiving Relief

Bentley Gets Some Thanksgiving Relief

I wanted to share this with you today, not because I want the world to think we are amazing at the DD Ranch but because over the last few months I have been inundated with guests with severe allergies. While I always suggest working with your Vet sometimes a change of environment can be very beneficial for your dog. Young Bentley arrived for his five day stay bleeding and raw accompanied by a mother who was beyond distraught. I wanted to share this with you because sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is not so far away. 

“I am not sure that this testimonial will give enough thanks and praise to Penny and her facility.  My sweet, 2 year old Goldendoodle has been suffering for two years.  He has terrible allergies and has bitten all the hair off his paws, his legs and some of his under carriage.  He spends his days biting and being uncomfortable.  We have tried everything, gone through 3 vets and spent upwards of $5000.00 trying to “fix” him.  When making our vacation plans I knew I could not kennel our dog.  He thinks he is a person and enjoys constant love and attention.  Desperate Dogs was the answer to my prayers.  He would be loved, cared for, have tons of outside time and other dogs to play with.  I never imagined that he would come back with a new lease on life, thanks to Penny.  I dropped Bentley off on Wednesday morning.  He was raw, bleeding on his paws and very uncomfortable.  He had a bad attack the night before.  Even Penny, with all her experience, cringed at the sight of his paws/legs.  I did not bring any of the countless medications that he has tried, or his $82.00 a bag food that the vet promised would help him.  I did not bring the steroid shots that the doctor said would desensitize him or the huge bottle of Zyrtec, so he could take his 6 pills a day.  I dropped him off hoping that Penny and her new approach would at least keep him content since everything I was trying was not working.  We had a wonderful vacation and thanks to the Facebook pictures, we got the keep up with Bentley on his “vacation”.  It was great seeing the daily pictures of the dogs playing out in the meadow.  I picked Bentley up 5 days later.  He had hair on his paws!!  Actual hair that was about an inch long.  He obviously had not bitten at his paws for days.  I started to cry.  I was happy but at the same time how could I bring home my precious baby so that he could itch all over again.  He was healthier at Penny’s ranch.  Penny talked with me about what she did, Cedar Oil, a change in food and lots of exercise.  She believes that if a dog is healthy on the inside, with a strong immune system, the dog should be able to work out its own issues without medication/chemicals/steroids.  She gave me all the information I needed to continue his new program and I left full of information.  I was hopeful that these changes would help him at home, in our environment, where some allergen (yes he has been tested, those tests are $$ and inconclusive) had been plaguing him for two years.  I stopped on the way home to pick up the new food, that was much cheaper than many of the brands we had tried.  I purchased the Cedar oil online, the second I walked in the door.  He has been home for about 30 hours.  He did not bite himself once on the 25 minute car ride home.  He used to bite himself nonstop in the car.  He has bitten at his paws once or twice since leaving.  It is a night and day difference though.  He is, of course, exhausted from 5 fun-filled days with Penny and the other dogs.  I am sure he is missing Penny’s home cooked dinner (she makes them a people food dinner that I am getting the recipe for).  He is happy to be home with our family and I can honestly say that bringing Bentley to Desperate Dogs was the best decision I have made for him in his entire two years.  Penny changed his life in FIVE DAYS!  We plan on using them whenever we are out of town and even every now and then for a little doggy daycare.  Bentley does not have other dogs at home to play with and he certainly does not have 5 acres of woods to run around in.  It is like Disney for dogs.  Thank you Penny… for your calls when you knew I was worried, your wisdom, your love for my dog, your patience with me and most of all for probably saving my dogs life.” Shana Smith


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