• Behind the Scenes at the Desperate Dogs Ranch

October 10, 2020

People often ask me why we set up The Desperate Dogs Ranch the way we did.
I mean, with 11 acres of land, we could have a bunch of buildings and hundreds of dogs boarding here at any one time...... surely we’d be millionaires within a few years!
But, it was actually never about the money.
We are called Desperate Dogs because as a behavior counsellor, I started my career working with last chance dogs whose owners were about to give up on them, or shelter dogs who were deemed unadoptable.
In time, I came to realize that with more time, a big dollop of love and empathy, plus a change of environment, we could right many wrongs in a dogs’ life. So we started boarding dogs to fund our ‘rehab for the rescues’ habit and the rest is history.
Today we board all kinds of dogs.....dogs who have fear issues, dogs with separation anxiety, dogs who have maybe had social issues with other dogs and need a little careful instruction, dogs who have some medical issues and require 24/7 care while Mum and Dad take a much needed break......
We even board regular happy go lucky dogs without a care in the world whose parents love them enough to give them this uniquely luxurious 5 star experience!
Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be sharing with you some behind-the scenes glimpses into life at the Ranch, telling you a bit about our ethos, our mission and how we do things...the whys and wherefores of what makes us so unique, so different.
First up though, I’m sharing this with you.
It’s our mantra.
Each and everyone of us is here to serve these beautiful creatures.
We believe it is our honor to cook nutritious meals, walk alongside them, ensure their freedom of expression, and help them to uncover their best selves....yes, even to pick up poop!
Desperate Dogs is a place of empathy, it’s a place where time stands still if your dog needs a moment of our attention and where we believe that we have much to learn from this beautiful, complex and loving species.
Yes, we lead them-all humans have to be the pack leaders in a world that is confusing to canines -but we have made a commitment to SERVING them first and foremost.
Service is not an act of weakness, it is not submission.
It is an act of love, a gesture that you put that person’s needs above your own and have committed to provide for them.
It is a sign of strength within you.
This we do every moment of every day.
Be blessed and enjoy your dog today.

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